“We started Tilly, our Hungarian Wire Haired Viszla bitch, on Salters Puppy food shortly after we got her at 8 weeks on John Meynall’s recommendation, and moved her on to Salters Maintenance at about 11 months. She has thrived on this and is now a fine young dog, strongly built, fleet of foot and…

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Honey Talks

Hello, my name is Honey. I am a 2 year old Golden Retriever and I’ve been eating Salters Pet food for around 3 months now. I’ve been living with my new family for 6 months and used to regularly suffer from an upset tummy, resulting in lots of trips to the vets for tests. I…

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Ciao Hector

Stephen Salter loves hearing from happy customers, but just recently one #Saltersdog took it upon himself to write to Stephen directly… Ciao Stephen, My name is Hector and I am a one year old Italian Spinone. I just had to put paw to paper and say “grazie mille” for the most delicious dog food which…

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Working is no Trial for a “Salters Dog”!

Thanks to Diane Ling for providing us with this in-depth testimonial and insight into a working dog’s life… Working Trials Champion Deben Little Tom, CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex, PDex, aged 8 and Little Deben Joe, CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex, aged 4 have been exclusively fed on Salters. They both compete in ‘Working Trials’- the civilian…

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Charlie’s Story

Su Dodsworth from Aquithie Kennels shares Charlie’s Story with us… Charlie, this little Rottweiler puppy, came to me when he was about 13 weeks old with horrendous mucoid diarrhoea, very underweight, 6.5K.  He had come in from Bulgaria – probably from a puppy farm.  He was found to have Giardia, parasites – Clostridium perfringens and…

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A Major Turning Point for Denese’s Rescue Dogs

Denese from near Woodbridge, Suffolk, has rescued animals since the age of 14.  At 58, she is still rescuing animals and currently has nine dogs with severe behaviour issues, due to the abject cruelty they were subjected to before Denese stepped in. Most of the dogs she takes in, have chronic digestive problems, exacerbated by…

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Sensitive Dog Foods… from Salters: What’s Your Dog’s Problem?!

In this trouble-shooting article, Stephen Salter takes a look at some common problems faced by dogs: SENSITIVE PROBLEM: ITCHY SKIN / RAW SKIN This can be a result of an ingredient/material in the dog food, or a chemical stabilizer incorporated into the ingredient/material, before, or during manufacture.   For example, wheat, barley, oats can be a cause…

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For those planning a doggy-cation this Summer, buyagift have kindly put together this guide on “Petiquette”.

In short, this guide outlines the “do’s” and “don’ts” of staying in a hotel with your dog and a fun list of petiquette rules.

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Have Whippets – Will Race

Kathryn Spark shares with us why they feed Salters… “We have whippets which we race so their diet is very important.  We have been using Salters dog food for over 10 years now for our whippets and most have gone on to win a racing title – using Canine Energy when the dogs are working…

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Microchipping – What’s It All About?

From April 2016, it became a legal requirement for all UK dogs aged eight weeks and over to be microchipped.  One in three pets go missing in their lifetime, so it’s a worthwhile precaution.  A lost or stolen dog is more likely to be reunited with their owner if they are microchipped – but what…

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