Salters Natural Dog Food

The only hypoallergenic dog and puppy food with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 100% Chicken. Salters foods are CHEMICAL FREE & SYNTHETIC ADDITIVE FREE.


Our dry dog food is full of healthy natural ingredients for THRIVING not just SURVIVING

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full Fat Linseed

Natural Seaweed

Round Grain Rice

Sunflower Meal

Sugar Beet

Salters Dog Food – Balanced nutrition for your pet

The only natural, dry dog foods to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salters Hypoallergenic, “Healthy Dog Foods” are Veterinary formulated, complete dry foods for dogs and puppies. Our foods are the only dog foods in the world to contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil*.

Every single ingredient we use has been hand-chosen and sourced from food fit for human consumption, giving, we believe, the “Healthiest Dog Food“ as an option for your dogs. If you feed yourself with the best food you can afford, surely you’d want to do the same for your furry friends.

Salters provides perfectly balanced nutrition for our dogs helping to overcome many problems like itchy skin, upset stomach, bad breath, dull coat, crusty nose, poor stamina, coprophagia, hyperactivity, hair loss and skin/soar patches. After just a few weeks on Salters, you’ll see your dog is visually healthier and happier.

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For puppies approx. 6 weeks plus


For Adult Dogs and Junior Finisher


For highly energetic and working dogs


For our older / slower dogs

If you’d like some buying advice, or if you ever have an issue buying Salters Foods for your dogs, then please contact us directly so we can help: 01728 604 475.

Chicken is collectively our Number 1 Ingredient in our Puppy, Energy and Maintenance foods.

Keeping your dog healthy and in peak condition, by feeding Salters as a healthy option and we feel that we can help prevent the distressing and often expensive health problems. With Salters, you can feed a 7kg dog from approximately 53p a day

An average sized dog (20kg Labrador) can be fed on Salters Maintenance for as little as £1.50/Day.

Our foods are packed with good quality proteins and high-quality ingredients. We guarantee that we don’t use any chemicals, colours, or any flavour enhancers, Salters dog foods all contain the correct nutritional balance, making it a highly digestible dog food, giving great looks/healthy performance and great overall stamina, to any dog that eats Salters foods…

Salters has “Low Sodium”, “Low fat” and “Low protein diets” available as well, for dogs with special dietary requirements.

Please call to discuss our benefits, we are a small, and we think friendly, company… (at least our customers say so!)

LET’S TALK, IT’S FREE… 0800 783 2555

Our Guarantee

Whilst I expect that this food will meet the approval of both you and your dog, if you are in any way dissatisfied, please return it to me, and I will ensure that the matter receives my prompt and personal attention.

In the event of any such return, kindly state where and when the product was purchased together with the batch number and ‘best before’ dates shown on the bag. Your statutory rights are not affected by this offer.

What our customers say…

Just goes to show that with Salters ” THE MONEY IS IN THE BAG NOT THE BANK!!

Mr and Mrs Melville, Luton (UK)

Having heard of Salters some ten years ago I changed Rusty’s food to Salters Maintenance, I noticed his coat became much softer and glossy, his stools are always good and at nineteen he still munches through Salters Senior.

Karen Fox, Suffolk

SALTERS was recommended to me seven years ago when I picked up my first Labrador gun dog. Over the years I have been very happy with the food, the dogs thrive on it. I have been commended on the well being and shape of the dogs.

R Morrison, Hertfordshire