Since feeding Salters we have never seen such thick dense black shiny coats as we have now on our Bernese Mountain Dogs, the quality of Salters food is so obvious, as its so to see now in our dogs.

Our Bernese don’t molt to such poor condition as they used to, therefore they are able to remain in the show ring though out the whole season.  The depth and quality of coat is way beyond anything we’ve seen over the past 17 years in this breed.

We have far less poo to pick up from our pack of Bernese.  No more sloppy poo’s, just dry solid sausages, which are easy to pick up and far less in quantity.

Since feeding Salters we feed our pack of Bernese 30kg less food per month than we used to which is a massive saving.  Because the food is of such high quality the dogs can eat less but they achieve far better results.

We struggled to get our Lhasa Apso’s to eat, they were on the thin side and nothing seemed to tempt them to eat, until we tried them on Salters , now both are tipping the scales maybe a little too heavy.  Never have we experienced greedy Lhasa Apso’s who’ll dance for their food until we started feeding Salters.  We have gone from picky eaters to greedy feeders who adore their food.

We love feeding our dogs on Salters, the quality of the food shines though in the dogs, who’ve never looked better.  Ordering is so quick and simple and delivery is excellent.  We finally feel like a valued customer and Salters care about the welfare of our dogs.

Best wishes

Mrs Philippa Green

Pasturegreen Bernese Mountain Dogs
UKAS Certificated Kennel Club Assured Breeders

This is Sophie, She is our 15 year old Golden Retriever, every one of the Dogs in the other pictures are descended from her. We have Four Generations of Goldies at home including Sophie and they are all currently fed on Salters Maintenance Dog Food. We Show some of our dogs and have bred several litters.

Every year we invite our extended Canine family to a Reunion at Old Wardour Castle and around 30 of the offspring can be seen in the pictures from this years event.
We started using Salters earlier this year when several of our Dogs seemed to have gone off of their regular food. After speaking to Salters, we changed all our Dogs onto their Maintenance Food and have not had a single “Turned up nose” since. We also tried our last litter on Salters Puppy during the weaning process and they all loved it.

Hilsgolden Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever Show and Stud dogs and puppies

This is the first time we have used your product and we have been very impressed with the results so far. Our bitch had 9 big healthy puppies having been on your food for 4 weeks prior to the birth. We had no small or weak puppies and a super strong litter from day 1. We are assured breeders at the Kennel Club and as we bred our female on a back to back litter, to avoid having 2 litters at the same time, we were required to have a vet check our female for health reasons. The vet stated that she was in super shape and did not look like she had a litter at all let alone a back to back. The puppies have had their first feed on your puppy food today and they loved it. Please find attached a picture of them with their mother the day they were born and today having their first meal. We would not hesitate to recommend your puppy food!!

Kind regards
Penny and Jim Flower

This is a litter Mrs Green has produced solely on Salters.. Lollypop is half Spanish and half Italian with a Russian father.

“Another superb and very special litter reared solely on Salters” we are just over the moon!

Here are our gorgeous Labradoodle pups, all weaned on Salters Puppy Food, lovely calm, satisfied little ones growing beautifully with bright eyes and healthy tummies!