Why should I feed your food?

We have taken great trouble to create an exceptionally high quality and palatable diet for our dogs with such delights as extra virgin olive oil and chicken which is used in stews, soups and sauces. We also use high quality rice, even the yeast we use goes to make yeast extract spreads. Our dog food is totally chemical and colorant free and naturally preserved.

When do I change food from puppy to adult?

As a general rule, large breeds change from 6 to 8 months and small breeds 10 to 12 months.

Do you have a junior food?

We don’t, but our Maintenance Food is nutritionally covered both for later stages of junior growth and adulthood when changing over as we recommend.

What is in your food?

Our recipe was chosen to include three types of quality chicken to get the correct balance (we use a dry mix not slurry format); high quality Italian wholegrain risotto rice; extra virgin olive oil; yeast from vegetable spread; organic Irish seaweed; whole eggs and French maize. There are no synthetic chemicals and it is naturally preserved with no colourants. We use a natural antioxidant, Vitamin E, with the correct balance of the Omega 3 and 6 for natural regeneration.

Why is maize the first ingredient on the list?

Maize is the largest single ingredient, but chicken is the largest collective ingredient in our foods, apart from our Senior diet.

When do I change from adult to senior food?

Change only when your dog’s energy and fitness levels start to diminish and slow down.

What chicken do you use?

We use three types which are spray dried. We use an unusually high quality mix of chicken meat meal, and a very high grade chicken oil.

If my dog is too heavy what is the best way to get him/her to lose weight?

You can reduce the Maintenance food volume by approximately 10% to start with, or you can put your dog onto our Salters Senior until your dog’s weight has reached the desired level. Once at the right point you can return to Salters Maintenance at a reduced level to maintain the correct weight or if your dog has slowed down and is heading towards a sedentary level then you can keep feeding with Salters Senior.

My dog wont eat dry food - what is special about yours?

Salters food is simply pure and palatable.

How much will it cost?

For an average size dog weighing 20 kgs it will be approximately 94p per day, so a 15kg sack of Salters food would last between 6 to 8 weeks.

My dog has itchy skin what should I do?

Please try our foods but remember only our food and water should be consumed, there is no need to add chews, snacks, titbits or scraps – although a few raw vegetables is fine.

I can’t get muscle on to my dog.

Try Salters Energy. Read about Diesel’s story – with our food Diesel achieved 2.6kg of muscle per month, following Orwell Vets’ recommendation over a six month period.

When should I feed my dog?

After the first walk of the day feed just over half the daily requirement and the after the last walk of the day just under half.

Should I moisten your food?

You can, but in general, Salters is best fed dry as it’s better for your dog’s teeth and good health.

How much should I feed?

All feeding guides are on the bag and within a 10% leeway our grams per day will be correct.

Will my dog be able to eat and crunch your food as they only have a small mouth?

Our food is made of an extruded nature and has lots of little honeycomb type air holes in it to make it very easily crunchable for all mouth sizes.

My dog has bad stools.

We recommend you take them off their current food by slowly introducing our food over 2 to 3 days and then add nothing, just have fresh water available at all times.

My dog smells

This could be for a number of reasons but in general, one of the best compliments we receive is that Salters dogs smell good! They have clean skin and great stool quality and colour.

How do I get your foods and where?

Please call us and speak with us so that we can make sure that you are using the right food for your dog. We can also direct you to the closest stockist. Failing that we have online suppliers and failing that we will send Salters direct, so you’ll receive your order by the next working day (provided we receive your order by 1pm).

My dog is unruly and hyper.

This may be from the foods that your dog has been eating. We sell a lot of Salters to behaviourists who sell on to their clients and the feedback is excellent.

My dog’s coat is bad.

This is usually diet related. Like humans, dogs need a nutritiously balanced diet for good health. Try Salters and watch your dog’s coat gleam.

What should I feed Salters with?

Feed just the recommended grams per day (as listed on our bags) along with a supply of fresh water.

Is Salters good for my dog’s teeth?

We have seen very good results on teeth. For best results feed dry.

Can I feed bones?

My personal advice with my butcher’s hat on (and from three generations of meat and bone experience) is just go to your butcher and ask for two or three pieces of local beef marrow bone, put some in the freezer and feed one piece at a time when required. These bones will not shatter as chicken, lamb or pork bones might. The last problem you want is distress and a trip to the Vets.

Do you make your own food?

To make our own food, we have bought our own ingredients, to the same quality, from the same suppliers now for the last fourteen years.

What bag sizes do you have?

We have 2kg and 15kg bags.

How long does it take to change food over?

It takes a few days to mix in and change food over. Our food is very gentle on the digestive system because of the high quality of our food. If you have run out of your previous food then go straight ahead.

My dog has wind.

This is an unfortunate problem which is usually food-related so changing to Salters may be of considerable help to your dog. The extra virgin olive oil in our food helps to stabilise gut flora and so if your dog then eats high quality and purer food he/she will get the best nutrient value.

How is your food preserved?

All Salters dog food is naturally preserved.

Which chemicals are present in your dog food?

We do not use any synthetic chemicals in the making of Salters, nor do we buy any ingredients which have been chemically treated.

Do you add flavours or colours to cover up anything in your food?

No dyes or false flavourings have ever been added.

Where does your seaweed come from?

Our seaweed is 100% organic Irish seaweed.