Salters dog food is made from the highest quality ingredients and is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives says James Hill MA VetMB MRCVS.  Stephen Salter outlines why he won’t give up on aiming for the best.

Salters Dog Food was established 15 years ago by Stephen Salter after he was dissatisfied with pet food when he wanted the absolute best for his dogs.

The Salters family have always been dog lovers.  Their focus is on high quality healthy and nutritious ingredients produced to an affordable price.

Stephen is a butcher by trade, as was his Father and Grandfather before him.  Salters Butchers in Suffolk became a family business from the early 1900s.  Stephen’s Grandfather, George Frederick Salter came to Aldeburgh from a traditional Suffolk farming background, having served in the Medical Section throughout World War I, travelling to Palestine and across the Far East and then into and through Europe.  After WWI, back in England, Mr Salter worked for a retiring Master Butcher, then took over and bought the business starting the first ever Salters: “Purveyors of Quality Meat and Game”.

Quality is immensely important to the Salters family.  Being a third generation of Salters Butchers, Stephen was in partnership with his Father, John Salter for many years, serving the finest quality meats, trimmed and jointed to perfection, keeping their customers happy.

Stephen Salter’s quest for perfection has continued, in efforts to create the best dog food in the UK.  As a butcher, he sources fresh chicken ingredients and every single ingredient in his dog food has been hand chosen and is sourced from food fit for human consumption.

Stephen is so proud of his efforts to create a nutritionally sound dog food that he is happy to eat it himself, saying: “Who doesn’t want strong bones, healthy teeth and a shiny coat?”

To create such an ultra premium pet food he sought advice from a rice expert (having considered 437 rice varieties) before selecting the finest risotto rice.  Including extra virgin olive oil, vitamins and minerals, with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours added mean many dog trainers and dog behaviourists recommend Salters because they don’t use chemicals which might irritate dogs.

“Different foods suit different dogs, for different reasons,” Stephen said, “it’s important to me that my customers have happy Salters dogs, so I will always be working to achieve the best results for them.”

Salters Pet Foods Veterinary Advisor, James Hill MA VetMB MRCVS says: “Salters dog foods are designed for high digestibility and the inclusion of extra virgin olive oil helps promote a healthy skin and coat with visible benefits in many cases.”

Salters Dog Food customers rave about the premium nutrition their dogs receive saying they “glow with health and vitality” and “their coats shine, their eyes are bright and their health is superb”.  One happy customer told Salters in her opinion he supplies “the finest dog food on the market”.

The Salters Pet Nutrition Owner says he appreciates the feedback his customers provide, but he will continue to strive to be the best in the UK: “I have inherited some extremely high standards to maintain.” Stephen Salter said.

Stephen Salter can be reached on 01728 604475 for a free consultation to discuss your dog’s requirements for best results.

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