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Healthy Dog Food | Salters
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Oct 11, 2018
 by Otto

Hello my name is Otto a 11 week old German pointer cross puppy and I live in France with my big brother - the famous golden retriever Oscar. Oscar has always been fed on Salter’s dog food and has been happy and healthy for the past 12 years. There was a hold up with my delivery of Salters puppy food so I had to eat some French puppy food until it arrived. This didn’t agree with me and I had a runny tummy and was always hungry! However since my Salter’s Puppy arrived I have thrived. My poos are healthy, firm and non-smelly - a great relief for all concerned. I have plenty of energy, sleep well and am growing fast. 14 kilos already at 11 weeks. Keep it coming Salters!

K Jones
Sep 18, 2018
 by K Jones

Our dog Percy loves Salters! We would go far to say the best dry dog food around. We thank you Salters, Percy finally enjoys his meals.

Kathryn Spark
Sep 18, 2018
 by Kathryn Spark

We were recommended Salters food by our local kennels many years ago with our first racing whippet. All of our dogs have been brought up on Salters for the past 16 years. Our racing whippets have energy during the racing season and maintenance over the winter and all of the retired dogs are on maintenance. The dogs do not produce much waste showing how much goodness is retained from the food. Would definitely recommend Salters food.

Mr and Mrs Melville, Luton (UK)
Apr 27, 2018
 by Mr and Mrs Melville, Luton (UK)

Just goes to show that with Salters " THE MONEY IS IN THE BAG NOT THE BANK!!

Suzanne Coy
Mar 26, 2018
 by Suzanne Coy

Darcy is a 14.5 year old Cocker Spaniel. He was diagnosed with Colitis at an early age. Initially we struggled to find dog food that he could eat, but eventually started using Salter's Pet Maintenance, which he has thrived on. In the last two years he has been diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis, arthritis in his joints, and a heart murmur. He's also practically deaf and starting to get his old man lens. Despite all of this, the Vet is still saying they are expecting him to last another year or so. They said that if he was 10 they would give him 4-5 years, but because he is already 14, they give him another year or two. I believe that the nutritional benefits of his food is one of the reasons that he is still so healthy at his age. I have contacted Salter's a couple of times over the years and have always found Mr Salter to be quick to respond and very helpful with my enquiries.

Jan 23, 2018
 by Lorraine

We always used Salters and after our dog had a near fatal bout of pancreatitis, we switched to the senior food which he loves and he is like a puppy again! We believe his pancreatitis was caused by an oil we gave (Vet recommended) over a period of 4 weeks. The oil was 95 per cent in fat which we had no clue of. Thanks to your food he is in perfect health and full of life.

Tony Richards
Jul 4, 2017
 by Tony Richards

I have lived with my dogs in Aldeburgh since February 2000. When we arrived I registered all our domestic animals, one dog, a Golden Retriever called 'Sophie' and 'Tinkerbell' a lovely black and white cat, with 'Fromus Veterinary Practice'. Michael and James Hill recommended that we feed our dog on Salters Maintenance and this we did. After we had lived at Aldeburgh for about a year we bought another retriever which we called ‘Merry'. When she became a year old she too was fed Salters Maintenance. Both dogs lived until they were a few weeks short of 15 years of age and both lived a very full and healthy life. Since that time we have acquired two other 'Golden Retrievers', 'Lizzie' who is now six years old and 'Tilly' who is thirteen months old. They are both being fed 'Salters Maintenance'. All our dogs have thrived on the food and are excellent examples of fit healthy dogs. I would always recommend any dog owner to use the 'Salters Maintenance' and when they are older the 'Salters Light'.

Sep 7, 2016
 by Stella

I called up Stephen Salter a few months ago, desperate in finding a dog food that my 6 month old rescue dog would enjoy and not get an upset tummy. He sent me a few samples of the Maintenance. Ellie has just not looked back. She is happy to eat it as it is, without the need of having to add tinned food to it.(because it is a complete food) Her coat appears shinier and feels healthier and her very bad itching has virtually stopped. Yes it does cost more than other food to buy, but in the long run it works out cheaper as there's no waste. Ellie is finally enjoying her food very much. I will continue to buy this. If you are in two minds about getting this or not, I say give it a try. Your dog will love it!

Mrs Liz Beall
Sep 7, 2016
 by Mrs Liz Beall

We have used the same dog groomer for eight years, she has recently remarked on how beautifully fit and well muscled our dogs are now, we have been feeding Salters for the last year or so with such visibly good results.

Jun 6, 2016
 by Polly

I raised my 2014 litter on Salters puppy, and now they are on Salters maintenance. Last year their mother and three of the litter qualified for crufts and this year 2016 we have one qualified already for Crufts 2017. Salters is a really good quality food that I think you can trust!

Oct 9, 2015
 by Olivia

So I contacted a company called Salters explaining about my little dog and how fussy he is when it comes to dog food and treats and they emailed me back saying they’d send me a few samples. I was very pleased when I opened them up as they had kindly given me 2x bags of their food. As I had two bags I gave one to my Auntie for her two dogs to try and she said that they absolutely loved it and it was gone within seconds. She is also looking into making further purchases as her dogs like it that much. So then I thought let me try my dog then and I must say I was so shocked! My dog is literally one of the fussiest dogs I’ve met and he ate every scrap! I was very happy with this as every other dog food we’ve ever bought he’s hardly touched. I was so happy to see him finally eat food properly so I urge you, if you have a fussy dog, to check out their site and their products available.

Mr Lay
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mr Lay

A switch to ‘SALTERS’ Maintenance did wonders for my old Lab and his replacement has thrived healthily on ‘SALTERS’ ever since.

Mrs Auckland
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs Auckland

Has worked well for many years and I would highly recommend.

Mrs Marshman
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs Marshman

Works exceptionally well.

Oct 9, 2015
 by Breeder

Made such a difference in all my dogs!

Mrs Laver
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs Laver

All my dogs have done extremely well, continued support and recommendation.

M Sutcliffe
Oct 9, 2015
 by M Sutcliffe

A real winner for me.

Mr G. May
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mr G. May

You can see the Performance and condition actually working!

Mrs K. Stokeld
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs K. Stokeld

Used successfully for many years, and its nice to know that you’re actually feeding your dogs something that’s good for them!

Mr Spraggs
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mr Spraggs

I now wouldn’t use anything but ‘SALTERS’ for my dogs.

Mr & Mrs Dodsworth
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mr & Mrs Dodsworth

We have gone from strength to strength using ‘SALTERS.

G Newson
Oct 9, 2015
 by G Newson

Never had a better conditioned dog!

Ms Crossley
Oct 9, 2015
 by Ms Crossley

Used for a number of years – Great!

Mrs E Gayler
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs E Gayler

Tried many other dog foods but there is nothing like ‘SALTERS’ for the best results.

Mr Watkinson
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mr Watkinson

My dog had never looks so good after giving them ‘SALTERS’.

Mrs P. Smith
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs P. Smith

Best food I have ever used and I have told everyone to use it!

Ms Robson
Oct 9, 2015
 by Ms Robson

Continues to work well, my dogs love it!

Mrs A. Tasker
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs A. Tasker

Dogs bowl empty in 2 minutes, he loves it and seems livelier.

Mrs C. Thompstone
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs C. Thompstone

I have been feeding my dogs on ‘SALTERS’ for over eighteen months and have seen a vast improvement in their general heath, fitness and particularly coat condition.

Mrs R. Paterson
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs R. Paterson

The difference was startling.

Mrs S. Forrest
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs S. Forrest

My four dogs continue to thrive on ‘SALTERS’ they are living advertisements.

Mr Murray Smith
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mr Murray Smith

My youngest dog had a sensitive stomach, and the eldest was overweight, since starting them both on ‘SALTERS’ the youngest has had no problems and the eldest has lost weight, both seem more happier and lively.

Mrs E. Ratham
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs E. Ratham

From the first time I used ‘SALTERS’ the difference was so noticeable I can only put it down to the food, I will be advising the new owners of my puppies to continue on ‘SALTERS’.

Mrs G. Robbins
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs G. Robbins

We have stayed with ‘SALTERS’ for all our dogs since swapping, we have happy, healthy dogs, without gastric problems, no trouble with faddy eating and our puppies thrive on it.

R. Morrison
Oct 9, 2015
 by R. Morrison

‘SALTERS’ was recommended to me seven years ago when I picked up my first Labrador gun dog. Over the years I have been very happy with the food, the dogs thrive on it. I have been commended on the well-being and shape of my dogs.

R. Dixon
Oct 9, 2015
 by R. Dixon

Fantastic food, ‘SALTERS’ has performed as well as they said it would!

Mrs Gail Free
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs Gail Free

My dogs have strived on ‘SALTERS’ for many years; I would never feed them on anything else especially as one of my dogs was highly commended in the veteran section at ‘Crufts’ 2007.

Mrs L Franklin-Mann
Oct 9, 2015
 by Mrs L Franklin-Mann

I would not normally get involved in advertising but I really feel that 'SALTERS' has made a difference and I would strongly recommend it.